Table Flipping with Alyssa and Taylor

By The Podglomerate

What's Table Flipping with Alyssa and Taylor about?

Did Lauren Conrad’s single black tear inspire you to wear waterproof eyeliner? Do you still have nightmares about Tyra Banks screaming “I WAS ROOTING FOR YOU, WE WERE ALL ROOTING FOR YOU”? Maybe you consider Teresa Giudice’s table flip as iconic as anything from The Sopranos? Join writer Alyssa Litman and actress Taylor Misiak as they sit down with guests to unpack how the fascinating, messy women of reality TV shaped their lives and dish about Bravo, The Bachelor and everything in between.

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Dementia, Drugs, and Diamonds


Taylor and Alyssa quickly touch on the Lala and Rand break-up rumors before diving into the long list of reality shows that aired this week. The Bachelorette premiere has earned Alyssa back in a big way - turns out all ...

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