Table Flipping with Alyssa and Taylor

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What's Table Flipping with Alyssa and Taylor about?

Do you believe Teresa Giudice’s table flip is just as iconic as a Sopranos beatdown? Did you Kim-Kardashian-ugly-cry when Angela and Michael finally tied the knot on 90 Day? You’re not alone, the messy women of reality television have made us feel seen! Table Flipping is here to unpack the way women are portrayed on reality TV and gush about the characters, fashion choices and iconic blowups that occupy (probably) too much space in our brains.Each week actress Taylor Misiak (Dave) and writer Alyssa Litman recap the infinite reality shows they’re currently watching, which always involves a healthy mix of Bravo, TLC, and The Bachelor. They get into reality-related breaking news, and occasionally try to solve the genre’s greatest mysteries, like what exactly did Juan Pablo say to Andi in the fantasy suite? Then they bring on a special guest to do a deep dive into their favorite show from the past or present - everything from classics like The Hills to hidden gems like Too Hot to Handle. They use all this as a jumping off point to share personal stories, and fantasize about what it would be like to behave as freely as the women of reality TV. Because who hasn’t wanted to punch their family member at a baptism?

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