Take One Daf Yomi

By Tablet Magazine

What's Take One Daf Yomi about?

As Jews around the world engage in a seven-and-a-half year cycle of Daf Yomi, reading the entire Talmud one page per day, Tablet Magazine's new podcast, Take One, will offer a brief and evocative daily read of the daf, in just about 10 minutes. New episodes will be released daily Monday through Friday.

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Bava Kama 31 and 32 – Impos...


Today’s Talmud pages, Bava Kama 31 and 32, explore how running, unless you are trying to get home before the start of Shabbat, is an unnatural act. Tablet Senior Writer and avid runner Armin Rosen joins us to meditate on ...

Take One Daf Yomi episodes: