Talk About Talk - Communication Skills Training

By Dr. Andrea Wojnicki

What's Talk About Talk - Communication Skills Training about?

Dr. Andrea Wojnicki is a Harvard-educated executive communication coach whose research focuses on interpersonal communication and consumer psychology. Learn the communication mindsets and tactics that will help you accelerate your career trajectory. Based on her research and guest interviews, Andrea will coach you on topics including: • overcoming imposter syndrome and communicating with confidence • developing executive presence and leadership skills • communicating with precision • building your personal brand • how to leverage storytelling • improving your listening skills • how to Introduce yourself and more! Focusing on your COMMUNICATION SKILLS means elevating your confidence, your clarity, your credibility, and ultimately your impact. Subscribe to the Talk About Talk podcast and don’t forget to sign up for the free communication skills newsletter – it’s free communication skills coaching in your email inbox!

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How do men and women’s communication styles vary? Explore the stereotypes of how men and women communicate, with research as a guide. Consider how much we talk, communication mindsets, our choice of words, vocal patterns, listening skills, non-verbal cues, and ...

Talk About Talk - Communication Skills Training episodes: