The Amy Rushworth Show

By Amy Rushworth

What's The Amy Rushworth Show about?

Brought to you by Amy Rushworth - Empowerment Mentor & Educator to women who refuse to settle for anything less than a wildly unapologetic life, love & business.

This podcast will help you slay fear & doubt and inspire you to f*ck off the rules that water down your brilliance & keep you playing small. It’s time to make your dream life your actual reality.

You'll hear unfiltered solo episodes + interviews with leading edge coaches + spiritual teachers — that will inspire you to step into your big “how DARE she” era & become unapologetically you in every way.

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Easy Wealth & Investing Tip...


I am joined by the very special, financially savvy, witchy lady, Laura, AKA The Witch of Wall Street. Laura brings financial education and empowerment to spiritual women in a very practical, 3D strategic way, but also in a way that ...

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