The Amy Rushworth Show

By Amy Rushworth

What's The Amy Rushworth Show about?

Brought to you Amy Rushworth, the UK's leading confidence coach & transformational mentor, this high-vibe podcast shares juicy stories & soul-nourishing advice on confidence, positivity & female empowerment. Amy & her guests dive into how to cultivate confidence across all areas of our lives, overcome failures & fears, & manifesting your dreams. Whatever your reason may be for feeling stuck or under-confident, there are ways to get your sparkle back, fire up your self worth and ignite your inner confidence. Expect impactful real-world tools, relatable stories & a big dose of inspiration!

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69 - The Secret Links Betwe...


The title says it all really!!! In this episode I'm unravelling the links + energetic correlations between two of the most "taboo" topics - sex and money and how it relates back to deeper body based healing, empowerment, manifesting your ...

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