The Bystanders

The Bystanders

By Ash Lendzion, Jaclyn Hales


What's The Bystanders about?

A zany, scripted, dark comedy that explores the bystander effect - a social psychological theory that states individuals are less likely to offer help to a victim when in the presence of other people. Every season - new story, new Bystanders. Created by: Ash Lendzion and Jaclyn Hales Executive Produced by: Black Label Media, Heather Morris, Ash Lendzion, Jaclyn Hales, Nick Blair Wilfong, and Marilee Stafford Directed by: Jaclyn Hales and Ash Lendzion Written by: Jaclyn Hales, Ash Lendzion, Nick Blair Wilfong, and Heather Morris Music by: Tory Cummins Audio Engineer and Sound Editor: Alex Carter Sound Design by: Tim McKeown Music Mix by: Tevin Turner Dolby Atmos Mixing by: Alex Carter and Tim McKeown Assistant Audio Engineer: Oliver Boon, Sloan Welsch and Mark De La Fuente Associate Produced by: Alex Tassopoulos and Josh Fisher Casting by: Brenden Rodriguez and Daniel Schwab Artwork by: Matt Mattson

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The Bystanders episodes: