The Hillside Beast - The Gift

04.19.2021 - By Bigfoot’s Wilderness Podcast

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Most people would call it a sportsman’s paradise , a young man had the ultimate playground, exploring the Appalachian mountains. Always hearing stories about the legend of “The Hillside Beast”, a young boy gains a friend as well an ally but more importantly proof that “Old Hairy” as he and his friends would call him, truly does exist.This is … The Hillside BeastBigfoot Frightening Encounters, Volume 1, 2 & 3 are now available! Click the link to get your audible books!;=a_search_c3_mlNarrator_1_1_1&pf;_rd_p=83218cca-c308-412f-bfcf-90198b687a2f&pf;_rd_r=JTSXBFKM239ZHJBJ8BC7Have you had a Bigfoot story and want to share it? You can email me at [email protected] Looking for t-shirts, hoodies and more? *All die cut stickers are now 40% off (no discount code required) New stainless steel tumbler added! Check it out :

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