"The Iron Throne" (S8E6)

05.24.2019 - By House Podcastica: Cobra Kai Edition

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No matter how we all feel about the last episode, what a ride it has been through Westeros these last 9 years... reflect, rejoice and revolt with us as Kristin, Jason and David unpack a truly head scratching finale, beautifully acted, gorgeously made, and questionably written. To which side of the coin will you fall? Are you somewhere in between it all? Please enjoy our final chapter of A Song of Ice and Fire from HBO (otherwise known as Game of Thrones)!   Beginning the first week of June, Kristin will be turning this podcast into a place to reel from the upcoming season of Handmaids Tale! Please head to our Facebook page for more information on that, and if you have any other shows you’d like to see covered, please feel free to message or email some ideas! We’d love to keep podcasting, as you listeners have been amazing and we WILL eventually be back for the eventual prequels from HBO!   From all of us, thank you so much for all of your support, and VALAR MORGHULIS! Much thanks to cello rock band Break of Reality for lending us their cover of the Game of Thrones theme for our intro music! They're fantastic and you can find more from them at breakofreality.com. housepodcastica.com [email protected] facebook.com/housepodcastica  twitter.com/housepodcastica instagram.com/housepodcastica podcastica.com

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