The Jordan B. Peterson Podcast

By Dr. Jordan B. Peterson

What's The Jordan B. Peterson Podcast about?

This podcast is a collection of interviews & lectures, some of which are recorded specifically for this podcast, and some that are from his university courses, public lectures, documentary interviews, and YouTube videos from his channel: Jordan Peterson Videos ( The podcast offers discussion and information concerning a variety of complex ideas: How moral & pragmatic values regulate emotion and motivation; Psychometric models such as the Big Five; The significance of hero mythology; The meaning of music, and the structure of the world as represented through religion and spiritual belief.

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S4E38: Death, Disease, and ...


This episode was recorded on May 10th 2021. Jordan Peterson’s guest today is distinguished Professor Emeritus at the University of New Mexico, American entomologist and evolutionary biologist, Dr. Randy Thornhill. Dr. Thornhill’s research shines an enticing light on scientific areas ...

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