THE MEDIUM Helen Duncan

03.15.2021 - By What'sHerName

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Helen Duncan was the last person in the UK ever to be convicted of witchcraft… in the mid-20th-century! Her story is one of fraud, fakery and – just possibly – actual communications with the dead!? Hear this fascinating and extremely unexpected story with special guest Nikki Druce, host of the Macabre London podcast!
Hear the full-length audio from Helen Duncan’s conversation with “Albert” here and hear Helen Duncan’s full “appearance” at a 1983 seance by medium Rita Goold here. (“Helen” begins speaking at 39:36, but the entire seance is a wild ride.)
Guest Nikki Druce is the creator and host of Macabre London, the original podcast about London’s gruesome history. Created in 2016, combines the intrigue of horror and history and turns it into a unique storytelling podcast. Nikki’s stories on the show are inspired by a lifelong love of anything dark, gothic, creepy and unsettling. Through Macabre London, Nikki has dedicated herself to making sure the stories from the capital’s past are not forgotten forever and to bring them to a new generation of podcast listeners and YouTube viewers. Check out the Macabre London podcast, YouTube show, and make sure to follow Nikki on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!
Music featured in this episode provided by Amanda Setlik Wilson, Jeremy Dittus, Doug Maxwell, Half Pelican, and Kevin MacLeod.
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