The MTNTOUGH Podcast

The MTNTOUGH Podcast

By Dustin Diefenderfer Founder and CEO of MTNTOUGH Fitness

What's The MTNTOUGH Podcast about?

Welcome to the MTNTOUGH Podcast, where we explore the intersection of physical fitness and mental toughness through the lens of backcountry hunting, military, mountain sports, and the great outdoors.

Hosted by the founder of MTNTOUGH Fitness Lab, Dustin Diefenderfer, this podcast takes a deep dive into the physical and mental preparation required for the unique challenges of high-altitude, extreme-terrain adventures.

Each episode features inspirational stories, advice, in-depth conversations with athletes, trainers, and experts in the fields of fitness, nutrition, and mental performance. From endurance training and strength conditioning to mental toughness and mindfulness, we explore cutting-edge science and real-world strategies that enable outdoor athletes to push their limits and achieve their goals.

Whether you're a seasoned backcountry hunter, an outdoorsman, or simply someone who wants to crush it in the backcountry, the MTNTOUGH Podcast is your go-to source for practical tips, expert insights, campfire tales, and inspiring stories of perseverance and triumph. Tune in each week to discover new ways to elevate your physical and mental fitness, and join us in the pursuit of excellence.

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The MTNTOUGH Podcast episodes: