The Paracast -- The Gold Standard of Paranormal Radio

By Gene Steinberg

What's The Paracast -- The Gold Standard of Paranormal Radio about?

From the Genesis Communications Network: The Paracast is a paranormal radio show that takes you on a journey to a world beyond science, where UFOs, poltergeists and strange phenomena of all kinds have been reported by millions. The Paracast seeks to shed light on the mysteries and complexities of our Universe and the secrets that surround us in our everyday lives. Join long-time paranormal writer and researcher Gene Steinberg, a team of knowledgeable guest cohosts, and a panel of special guest experts and experiencers, as they explore the realms of the known and unknown. Listen each week to the great stories about the amazing history of the paranormal field in the 20th and 21st centuries. When strange things occur that confound traditional scientific dogma, from strange objects speeding across our skies, to frightening creatures in remote areas of the world, and incredible reports of haunted houses, The Paracast will be there to separate the signal from the noise. NOTE: These episodes are the network versions with ads. If you want a commercial-free version of The Paracast, please subscribe to The Paracast+. Check for details.

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September 17, 2023 — Dr. Ti...


Gene and guest cohost Curt Collins present clinical psychologist Dr. Tim Brigham, a long-time explorer of UFO lore. He is a contributing member of the Scientific Coalition for UAP Studies (SCU) and has presented to the Society for Scientific Exploration ...

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