The Philosophy of Crime

The Philosophy of Crime

By James Renner

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What's The Philosophy of Crime about?

Unravel the complexities of true crime through the insightful lens of "The Philosophy of Crime," an annual podcast series expertly hosted by James Renner, a distinguished journalist and acclaimed author renowned for his deep dives into the enigmatic world of unsolved mysteries. This podcast stands at the crossroads of classical philosophy and the compelling questions that fuel our fascination with true crime. Across six thought-provoking episodes released once a year, James explores the fundamental inquiries haunting the human psyche: What drives our obsession with true crime stories? Are lie detectors a reliable tool in the quest for truth? How does diplomatic immunity intersect with justice?

"The Philosophy of Crime" is more than a podcast; it's a philosophical exploration that seeks to illuminate the darkest aspects of human curiosity and societal norms. Each season, James Renner blends philosophical theories with real-world cases, offering listeners a unique perspective on the moral dilemmas and ethical questions that lurk behind the headlines. From the effectiveness of lie detection to the intricacies of legal exemptions and the nature of obsession, this podcast is an essential listen for anyone intrigued by the philosophical dimensions of crime and justice.

Tune in to "The Philosophy of Crime" for a yearly dose of compelling narratives and enlightening discussions that promise to challenge your views, provoke thought, and deepen your understanding of the philosophical underpinnings of true crime.

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