12.03.2020 - By Revelations Radio Network

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Episode 271: On this episode, a rant on section 230, and a brief update from the election fraud, Flippy will be walking cars, a pair of 33 updates, Facebook rebrands Libra to Diem, unknown monolith in Romania (and possible footage of the culprit), Egypt to 6uild 6ack 6etter, race war update from Japan (plus Nike’s new sponsor), pandemic special: fact checking hugs, Red Cross chief warning of “second pandemic,” CDC claims of safest place for kids; warp speed quotes, Pfizer to hit UK next week (and a look back at their side effects), WEF plan to restore “trust in leadership” with “stakeholder capitalism” out of the chaos of this “shadow pandemic” for a Great Reset, Trump’s new age military take over, and Asia to build data fortress that foreshadows Daniel 11! #ShadowPandemic #GreatReset #Splinternet   SHOW NOTES:    COMMUNITY:     BECOME A PRODUCER! Paypal:  Patreon 1:  Patreon 2:  Crypto:    LIVE ON: Twitch: YouTube 1:  YouTube 2:  DLive:    LISTEN: RSS:  Spotify:  Apple:  Google:  Amazon:  Podbay:

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