The Super Bowl Almost Felt Normal | 2/8/21

02.08.2021 - By The Glenn Beck Program

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Super Bowl LV felt like the first normal thing we’ve done since the pandemic, despite all the social justice messaging. Jeep’s commercial sounded great but had a major issue. The Supreme Court will review the necessity of the Fourth Amendment, along with multiple 2020 election lawsuits. A column in the L.A. Times called “What can you do about the Trumpites next door?” complains after a neighbor shoveled the author’s driveway. A 95-year-old German woman was charged as complicit in the Holocaust, and Glenn dives into how that happened. Does the U.S. have its first political prisoner since FDR? The Supreme Court ruled that California can’t ban all of indoor worship. The Hyppo Awards are coming, and Glenn goes over the endless list of nominees.
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