419: This Week’s Gasp

02.25.2021 - By Accidental Tech Podcast

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Pre-show diversions:

Posting the bootleg
Casey’s [hopefully useLiss] worries
Marco’s ball situation

Sonos Move

Casey’s Compulsory Icebreaker

Requisite link


Jef e’s doubts about SMART tools
Contacts API updates

Better Trust Through Better Privacy
Autofill Everywhere

Google’s astrophotography mode
Magnets and MagSafe (via Ante Söderholm)
More on Supervised iPhones (via Marc Wickens)

Support document

More on Clubhouse

Upgrade #340: Secret Sauce
Hacking with Swift
Steve Jobs Stories

Memory safe iBoot implementation


MacBook Pro models with HDMI and SD card readers?

Apple USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter


Is it safe to use a High Sierra machine after security updates cease? (via John Hovland)
How do we store our parents’ names in our phone’s contacts? (via Colin Meney)
How do I clean up my Dock? (via Harjas Monga)

Desk accessories
Sudden Termination
Automatic Termination

Post-show: Some more kvetching about app-quitting strategies

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