TMR 255 : The Monolithic Nephilim Bee Reset

01.01.2021 - By Revelations Radio Network

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Whats' the connection between Bees, those Weird Monoliths that keep cropping up around the globe, and Dr Dr Dr Dr Dr Dr Dr Dr Dr Dr Dr Dr Dr Dr Dr Dr Dr Dr Dr Klaus Schwab's Great Reset? Could Charles Darwin be wrong, and Darwin Charles be right that all life evolved from a single Primordial Bee? Has the US government signed a contract with extraterrestrial life forms to work together on a secret base on Mars? And will Dr. Frank Johnson raise enough through this evening's kickstarter to fund his field trip to look for fossilised bees? These (and other important questions) shall be answered as we kick off 2021 here at TMR with our annual New Year's Eve show—a crazy roundtable chat with high-ranking members of The Fireside Nephilim Persons secret society.BeeDonate Join us—Prof. GK (of Like Flint Radio), Dame Jenifer Thyssen (classical singer), Dr. Frank Johnson (Bee Evolution expert), Sir Mark Campbell (TMR's head escapologist), Lord Jeff Bankens (strongman extraordinaire) and SARS-CoV-2 (a rather nasty piece of work of distinctly dubious origin) —as we put aside the cares of this world for an hour or so and chat our socks off in aid of Dr. Johnson's research. Be there, or be square! For show notes please visit

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