WandaVision Episode 9 REACTION! Doctor Strange Multiverse of Madness Set-Up? | Inside Marvel

03.05.2021 - By Inside Marvel: A Falcon and Winter Soldier Aftershow

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WandaVision Episode 9, the SERIES FINALE, sets up Wanda as the Scarlet Witch to return in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (2022). But what’s next for Wanda? Go to http://MagicSpoon.com/MARVEL and use the code MARVEL to save five dollars on your order of Magic Spoon Cereal. Thanks to Blue Chew for sponsoring Rogue Theory. Thanks to BLUECHEW for sponsoring http://go.bluechew.com/inside-marvel We’ve partnered with Stereo! Catch us live at htpp://stereo.com/newrockstars 


WandaVision Episode 9 features TWO post-credit scenes setting up future Marvel titles. First, a huge twist with Monica Rambeau and a Skrull agent, setting up Monica to meet Nick Fury on his space station in Spider-Man Far From Home, and a future in Secret Invasion and Captain Marvel 2. And then, even more cryptically, the Scarlet Witch using astral projection like Doctor Strange to read the Darkhold in a secluded mountain cabin. Where is Wanda, and what does this tell us about her next steps to rescue her children from the Multiverse? In this episode of #InsideMarvel, Erik Voss and Jessica Clemons react to this emotional finale, including the many theories that seemed to be debunked. Was Erik dead wrong on Mephisto, and with the disappointment over Evan Peters’ character, how should fans adjust their expectations for future Marvel properties?
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