Ep. 378: What Would Andy May Do?

10.08.2020 - By Wired To Hunt Podcast

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Today on the show we're running acclaimed DIY bowhunter Andy May through a series of challenging hypothetical deer hunting scenarios to better understand his deer hunting thought process and strategies.
Topics discussed:

How Andy would seek out and hunt a buck that seemingly roams over an area well over a mile or two square

How to make the most of areas without trees

How to scout and hunt your way into new properties 

Public land hunting new spots

How to choose between two equally matched hunting locations

Locating nocturnal bucks in October

Calling on heavily pressured properties

Adjusting stand locations off sightings in October VS November

Getting winded during the rut

Trying to call a buck away from an in-estrous doe

Handling hot weather in late October VS the rut

What to do on the day before gun season

Bowhunting pressured properties

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