When Funny Isn't Funny in English

05.13.2022 - By Learn English with Bob the Canadian

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I'm sure in English class you learned that the word funny means amusing or hilarious. It's used to refer to something that makes you laugh. When someone tells a funny joke, it makes you laugh. Did you know that sometimes the word funny doesn't mean funny in this way?

Well in this English lesson I'll help you learn 10 different ways we use the word funny, and most of them aren't funny at all! Funny is a very common word in the English language, so it's important to learn some of the other ways we use it!

In this lesson you'll learn phrases like: funny you should ask, the funny thing is, funny bone, a funny feeling, feeling funny, and more!

I hope you enjoy this English lesson about different ways we use the word funny in English!

Note: This is the audio portion of a Youtube English lesson which you can watch right here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iex8wf4c03o or find by searching Youtube for, "Bob the Canadian Funny"

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