'White Abolition' in Schools | Guests: Megyn Kelly & Janice Dean | 2/17/21

02.17.2021 - By The Glenn Beck Program

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Glenn’s in a mood as Texas continues to have power issues. President Biden has yet to reach out to governors in states hit by the winter storm. CNN is praising Biden’s early bedtime, while at a town hall, Biden brushed off China’s Uighur genocide. Bill Gates wants everyone to stop eating beef. Equity is the new buzz word, and it affects everyone. Fox News’ Janice Dean joins as New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo blames his nursing home scandal on staff. Whistleblowers in New York nursing homes call in with firsthand accounts. Megyn Kelly joins to review the heartbreaking story of a 17-year-old “Jane Doe” who was accused of racism. A school sent parents a graphic of the “8 white identities," urging them to be “white abolitionists."
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