Who Is More Coherent: Joe Biden or a Horse? | 6/3/22

06.03.2022 - By Pat Gray Unleashed

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Joe Biden had his speech about gun reform yesterday, and it was everything we’ve come to expect from him. Jerry Nadler wants to ban 18-year-olds from buying guns because their brains aren’t fully formed but doesn’t support raising the draft age to 21 for the same reason. A video clip shows Biden saying that inflation is a strength, but now he explains how we’re going to tackle inflation. Speaking of inflation, gas prices are at an all-time high and aren’t going down any time soon. Is CNN starting to jump off of the Biden bandwagon? COVID numbers are some of the lowest since the pandemic began, including the number of deaths per day. A recent video shows kids on a drag queen show stage dancing and collecting money. “They’re coming for our children!” According to U.S. intelligence, Vladimir Putin was treated for cancer back in April. Queen Elizabeth’s 70th anniversary jubilee is this weekend; how do we get a big giant jubilee here in America?! There are horses answering emails for you in Iceland. The translations for their emails sound like something Biden might say in one of his speeches.
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