Winning the Set Piece Battle - Inside the MSC Webinar

11.18.2019 - By Modern Soccer Coach Podcast

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Gary gives coaches a sneak peek into the upcoming MSC webinar on Set Pieces that will take place on Wednesday, November 20th, at 4pm ET.

The webinar will be FREE to all members of the Modern Soccer Coach Community Platform… you also get access to ALL THE CONTENT on there…a range of webinars, 250+ exercises and weekly content,… go online and take a look…

- Oliver Gage
- Mark Spalding
- Rade Tanaskovic
- Peter Ramage
- Cam Meighan

They will discuss the following topics:

- Attacking set pieces
- Defensive set pieces
- Using analysis in your work
- Effective ways to train them
- How to scout them in opposition
- Zonal v man marking

and lots more…

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