Your Money, Your Wealth

Your Money, Your Wealth

By Joe Anderson, CFP® & Alan Clopine, CPA of Pure Financial Advisors

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What's Your Money, Your Wealth about?

A "Top 10 Personal Finance Podcast" and a "Top 12 Retirement Podcast" (US News & World Report, 2023). One of the "10 Best Personal Finance YouTube Channels" (CardRates, 2023). “Best Retirement Podcast With Humor” (FIPhysician, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023). Learn strategies that can help you retire successfully. Financial advisor Joe Anderson, CFP® and certified public accountant Big Al Clopine, CPA are making fun out of finance as they answer your money questions and spitball on your 401k, IRA, Roth conversions and backdoor Roth IRA, how to pay less taxes, asset allocation, stocks and bonds, real estate, and other investments, Social Security benefits, capital gains tax, 1031 exchange, early retirement, expenses and withdrawals, and more money and wealth management strategies. YMYW is retirement planning, investing, and tax reduction made fun, presented by Pure Financial Advisors - a fee-only fiduciary. Access free financial resources and episode transcripts, Ask Joe & Big Al On Air to get your Retirement Plan Spitball Analysis:

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