Your Morning Basket

By Pam Barnhill

What's Your Morning Basket about?

Are you ready for homeschooling to feel joyful again? Want to build relationships and enjoy learning with your children? Welcome to Your Morning Basket. Hosted by Pam Barnhill, this podcast shares the magic and fulfillment that Morning Time aka Morning Basket or Circle Time can bring to your homeschool.Join host Pam Barnhill every other Tuesday as she shares principles and practices that can help you create a delightful start to your homeschool day. Discussions with experts and mentor-moms cover everything from choosing the right books for a wide age range to memorizing poems to getting kids to sit still. If you are ready to spend less time planning and more time engaged in learning with your children, join Your Morning Basket Plus

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YMB #141 Common Misconcepti...


Join Pam, Dawn Garrett, and Meg Angelino as they bust some myths about those "extras" in homeschooling. We're airing out all the misconceptions we have heard about Morning Time through the years and today, we're here to set the record ...

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