45: #45 - Zane Passed Out on Camera

08.24.2020 - By Zane and Heath: Unfiltered

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RISE AND SHINE, ZANE!!! Welcome to our first early morning recording of Zane & Heath: Unfiltered! This week you’ll hear of the gang’s perilous journey protecting Heath & Mariah’s home from a swarm of relentless winged beasts.... or as most people know them, house flies. But it can’t be more exhausting than an influencer’s journey to find a good caption, can it? We see if these vlog squad members can be identified based solely on their Instagram captions. Speaking of busting caps, did anyone else see Shia LaBeouf’s new shoot-em-up gang thriller? If so, we’re sorry about that. How about we talk about Pablo Escobar and Gigi Hadid having the same unexpected passion for interior design instead? Or if you’re looking for something to get really passionate about... the announcement of Unfiltered season 2 is officially here! And trust us when we say that big changes are on the horizon ;)

Now get cozy, sit back, and relax... but have your fly zapper at the ready for any unwanted distractions...

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