#522 A Christian Reads the Tao te Ching

08.06.2020 - By The BadChristian Podcast

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Host of the podcast, "A Christian Reads the Tao te Ching," Corey Farr thoughtfully considers concept written in the Tao te Ching and how they integrate with his Christian faith. He also works with Syrian orphans in Lebanon, not far from a massive explosion seen on international news this week.   coreyfarr.com I'm Only A Man vinyl pre-order: emerymusic.com/ioam   Links & Sponsors: BadChristian.com thebcclub.com Check out Emery's new album "White Line Fever" at emerymusic.com Stamps.com: stamps.com code BADCHRISTIAN Zip Recruiter: ziprecruiter.com/BADCHRISTIAN Hims: forhims.com/BADCHRISTIAN Join Emeryland: emerymusic.com Are You Listening: A Streamo Show: areyoulistening.tv Marriage Supply

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