Ep #94 A Scientific Approach to Value-Add Mobile Home Park Investing - with Damian Bergamaschi

09.18.2018 - By The Mobile Home Park Investing Podcast - Real Estate Investing Niche

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In this episode of The Mobile Home Park Investing Podcast, Kevin shares the mic with Damian Bergamaschi, Fund Manager of Damris Capital.Throughout his lifetime -- from childhood to now -- Damian’s affinity for the markets led him to a career in finance; initially as a quant creating conditional models to predicting financial outcomes over time, to eventually landing on Mobile Home Parks as a desirable asset class to create a fund around.Through his work at Damris Capital, Damian has combined his knowledge in Real Estate with utilizing big data and quantitative analysis to create a unique approach to Mobile Home Park investing; Continuing to leverage his knowledge for the good of his customers. HIGHLIGHTS: [8:57] Damian’s background, and how his experience as a quant carries over to investing. [12:18] How and why did Damian start exploring the asset class of mobile home parks? [15:57] Damian’s investment philosophy, and “Hometown Bias” explained. [19:25] What are other asset classes Damian shys away from? [22:42] Damian’s first Mobile Home Park Deal [25:09] Opportunities in the “Tiny Home” trend [32:12] The key qualities Damian looks for in a Mobile Home Park Operator & Sponsor Recommended Resources: Check out our company and our partnership opportunities by visiting SunriseCapitalInvestors.com Would you like to partner with us on future MHP deals, call 844-CASH-FLW to learn more or click here to schedule a time on our calendar. Get our Free MHP Due Diligence training Video DD.SunriseCapitalInvestors.com Grab a free copy of our book “The 21 Biggest Mistakes Investors Make When Purchasing their First Mobile Home Park…and how to avoid them www.MobileHomeParkAcademy.com   

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