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BB22 | Cody Calafiore Game Review
After a season full of Live Feed Updates, LFC roundtables, exit interviews, and episode recaps, Taran is back for even more Big Brother coverage. He’ll be catching up with some of your favorite all-stars to do a deep dive of their games. Up today is the winner of Big Brother All-Stars, Cody Calafiore (@Cody_Calafiore)!
Cody played a dominant game throughout the entire season, beginning on day 1, when he became the first Head of Household. During his time on Big Brother 22, Cody was part of several alliances and was in multiple players’ final two plans. His social, strategic, and athletic abilities all emphasized the strength of his game. Over season 22, Cody won 4 HoH and 4 Veto competitions. Alongside receiving all final jury votes, Cody survived the season without ever being placed on the block for eviction. Cody joins Dan Gheesling as the second player to ever play a perfect game.
Taran catches up with Cody in this post-season game review. They discuss all of the gameplay and strategy that took place throughout the season. Plus, Cody shares all of his thoughts on the game as a whole!
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To learn more about Cody’s game, check out: Cody Calafiore’s Big Brother Wiki page
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