S2 E12: Because that's what Jesus would FREAKING do!

10.10.2017 - By The On-Call Room: A Grey's Anatomy Podcast

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IT'S CHRISTMAS! Well, at least in the On Call Room world. This is our first Christmas episode and it delivers.

First and foremost Bri burned down her house because she woke up to a spider in her bed. She's looking for a new home, message her on Instagram.

Cristina is Jewish, Burke is surprised and spiritual, Karev is dirty Uncle Sal, and Bailey has a teaching moment with her unborn child. Derek rocks an iPod and clip on cell phone AND loves Meredith. Yes folks, you heard it first, Derek tells Addison it wasn't just a fling with our leading lady. Shock factor 100%.

Karev is studying for his exam that he failed and all the interns pitch in, including a weepy Izzie (because that's what Jesus would FREAKING do).

The holiday spirit penetrates Abbey and Bri as they talk favorite Christmas carols, favorite Christmas movies, and their preferred aesthetics for Christmas decorations.

So, pour yourself some egg nog, or Rumchata and hit play and get down with that holiday boogey.

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