CCEF Podcast: Where Life & Scripture Meet


What's CCEF Podcast: Where Life & Scripture Meet about?

Why podcasts? First, we’ve had a lot of requests asking us to get back on the air. We care about supporting you in life and ministry, so we’re making it happen. Second, the podcast format allows us to touch on topics that can be difficult to cover in other forms of media. Those are two good reasons, but at the heart of why we are relaunching the CCEF podcast is because we recognize that biblical counseling is hard. We want you to know that you are not the only one out there that finds it challenging, and we’re committed to coming alongside and supporting you in the process. We’re in this together.

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Making Sense of Self-Pity


“It is hard to speak to the Lord about your sufferings and to lament and to honestly go to him and say, ‘Lord, this is hurting in my heart, on my soul.’ We rarely step into relationship in that way, ...

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