Chewing the Fat with Jeff Fisher

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What's Chewing the Fat with Jeff Fisher about?

Jeff Fisher (aka "Jeffy") from The Glenn Beck Program, Pat & Stu and Pat Gray Unleashed. In each episode of Chewing the Fat, Jeffy covers the daily fat pile, water cooler chit chat, road raging and a new segment called living the American Dream. Follow Jeffy on Twitter: @JeffyJFR Follow Jeffy on Facebook: Jeff Fisher Radio

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The Hierarchy… | 11/22/22


Recalls of Teslas… Almost hit a lady… Drug use help is there… Sextpanther SMS blocked… Tell Banksy… Indiana 5 not looking good… Trent and Elvira may leave Twitter… Mariah Denied… Meghan and Harry get a Ripple… Mackenzie’s house sells… All ...

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