CIA Files: True Stories of U.S Intelligence

By Topher M. Ford

What's CIA Files: True Stories of U.S Intelligence about?

We explore the history of the Central Intelligence Agency by telling the stories of the individuals who lived through it. We'll discuss the villains, the victims, and the heroes. We'll uncover the motivations and the ideals of the people who set into motion world-changing events that have steered global politics along the course that has led us to where we are today.

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We're taking a break from our weekly conversations to focus on our proper episodes. Look out for Frank Wisner, part 2 in two weeks. Then we're taking a short break to get things prepped for what we're generously calling Season ...

CIA Files: True Stories of U.S Intelligence episodes:


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I don't feel well, so imagine a clever blurb and insert that here.


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