Counseling for the Difficult Times

08.28.2019 - By FamilyLife Today®

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Christian counselor Jonathan Holmes talks about the challenges of counseling a spouse experiencing emotional or physical abuse. He also tackles the problem of dwindling desire in marriage, and asserts that intimacy problems are typically spiritual problems and symptomatic of deeper issues. He also shares how he would counsel a couple experiencing spiritual differences.
Show Notes and Resources
Author and family therapist Dr. Ramona Probasco tells what it's like to be married to an abusive man because she's been there. (27 min. podcast)
Pastor Justin Holcomb explains while physical abuse is definitely a part of domestic abuse, mental, emotional, and financial abuse are just as devastating.  (26 min. podcast)
Nancy Murphy talks about the domestic abuse she endured at the hands of her former husband. (25 min. podcast)
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