David Mathisen, Myths and Roman Trauma |503|

06.01.2021 - By Skeptiko – Science at the Tipping Point

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David Mathisen on the connection between star myths, Roman cults, and our parapolitical reality.

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Audio Clip: [00:00:00] Between Bobby and the FBI possess all the time he’s gone fucking crazy. Tell Jimmy I’m sorry for his troubles, the old time is no deal man, they’ll talk to him at some point they’ll straighten it out for him. Yeah but he can’t understand and I gotta be honest with you I don’t understand either, I used to help get those two fucking kenzi pricks elected in the first place, It don’t make no sense to him, that’s for sure. He doesn’t have to understand everything. You know what I’m talking about, sometimes it’s better. So when I see him like that, I don’t you know, I feel bad, I want to help him in some way. Listen, he’s too emotional, like some guy who’s always rushing all over the place and they missed the big picture. Like Cuba. Getting us back in the casinos, getting us back into Havana. Like getting rid of that fucking Castro prick. The old timey spoke to the old man, the old man talked to his son jack and he told them don’t forget who the fuck he owes. He knows who the fuck he owes.
Alex Tsakiris: [00:01:07] That’s of course Joe Pesci and Robert De Niro, a clip from the Irishman. I know it’s a rather long clip but It’s an important clip and it’s history. I think a lot of people, I guess maybe younger people don’t realize it’s of course a fictional account but it’s history, this is what happened. There was this guy who ran the Teamsters union called Jimmy Hoffa in the Union back then was unbelievably powerful, It ran the country, it ran the trucks, if they shut down the union you know, no one got that and all the rest of the stuff, he had a lot of power. And he was very tight with the mob and the mob was taking care of him and he’s taking care of the mob, and he was loaning all the money to build the casinos in Las Vegas, and this was the dynamic and also back then the mafia organized crime was super powerful, much more powerful that we can kind of even imagine today. And what they’re talking about in this scene in particular, is how some people in the mafia felt betrayed by the fact that Joe Kennedy, who was JFK’s father and who amassed all of his wealth by smuggling alcohol from Canada to the US and was tied in with all organized crime. And he’s the one who had gone to the mob and said, hey maybe you can help here with my son. They felt betrayed that now, JFK and in particular Robert Kennedy who was Attorney General was, really going after the mob and was stamping out organized crime all this at a time when the top cop J. Edgar Hoover, because he was compromised because he was a gay man and like to dress up in women’s clothes and because some people in the mob had pictures of that and because human compromise is always in play, is always your number one go to tool, a lot Jeffrey Epstein. So that’s why the top cop in the United States publicly stated that there was no mafia. Again, if you don’t know this history go back and read it because you’re really gonna have to understand it, to understand where I’m going, and understand why I keep hammering on the Romans, and why we have today’s most excellent guest David Mathisen,

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