Ep 81: Embracing New Seasons, Making Changes, Identity and The Power Of Community with Shauna Niequist

06.05.2022 - By We're Going There with Bianca Juarez Olthoff

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Friends, have you ever found yourself thinking "I guess I haven't learned that yet"? We can make plans and set goals but sometimes life happens, and we find ourselves in a situation we didn't see coming.

In today’s episode, I’m talking with writer and storyteller, Shauna Niequist. Throughout our conversation, you'll hear Shauna unpacked this very concept. She talks about the art of gathering around a table, moving her family to New York and mourning the identities that we outgrow.

Shauna also shares her perspective on rediscovery and embracing new seasons of life. There is power in putting down the ideas of how others perceive us and simply living as who we are truly meant to be.

Just like a lovingly home-cooked meal, Shauna has all the elements to truly satisfy your soul. We'd love to see you recreate the meal that Shauna shared in this episode! Don't forget to tag us @BiancaOlthoff and @sniequist.

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RESOURCES/LINKS: Shauna’s Book: I Guess I Haven't Learned That Yet: Discovering New Ways of Living When the Old Ways Stop Working

Shauna’s Hearty Italian Stew









White beans


Lots of Parmesan

Use a soup stock of your preference. Combine all ingredients. Add salt or Italian spices to taste.


Loaf of Sourdough Bread

Green Salad

Vinaigrette made with wine vinegar, apple cider vinegar or lemon juice


Sparkling water

Red wine



A couple of bars of dark chocolate broken up into pieces

Music by: Brad Tsushima, Instagram: @bradtsushima, email: [email protected], Spotify: “R.A.D.”

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