EP 40: The Gods Are Here Now

03.13.2022 - By Garner's Greek Mythology

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Welcome to Episode 40. Now we leave ancient Greece and shift to contemporary America. The old gods have come to the suburbs of Pennsylvania to play — and to save the world. The three Fates, plus Artemis, Athene, Aphrodite and the ancient goddess Nyx — all appear in order to thwart scientists who are on the verge of discovering immortality. This startling tale weaves morality, sensuality and seduction with a fast-paced narrative that ends in conflagration, and finally, rebirth … Narrated by mythologist and best-selling author, Patrick Garner, Garner's Greek Mythology is unlike any other Greek history series.  Here these divine beings are viewed as if they were anything but mythical... If you love this podcast, you'll also enjoy Garner's audible novel about the gods, Homo Divinitas, now available on Amazon.com and Audible.com.Support the show

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