Ex-Press Sec: Bad Sign for Kamala & the COVID Relief Swindle | Dana Perino Interview

03.14.2021 - By The Rubin Report

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Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report talks to Dana Perino, Fox News host and author of "Everything Will Be Okay," about signs that Kamala Harris is being kept out of important decisions, why the COVID relief bill is a massive boondoggle, and career advice for women in business. First Dana shares her insights on Jen Psaki and her need to “circle back” on questions. She shares why Kamala Harris only finding out about the air strikes in Syria after they occurred is proof that Kamala Harris is being pushed out of major decisions by Joe Biden. Dana also reveals some of the specifics of the COVID-19 relief bill that the media ignores. Finally, Dana shares some advice for women in business, like how to explain gaps in employment and deal with Zoom anxiety.
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