Gee Thanks, Just Bought It

By Forever35/Caroline Moss

What's Gee Thanks, Just Bought It about?

Shopping expert Caroline Moss knows where to find all the life-changing under-the-radar products you didn’t think you needed — like hand warmers that double as phone chargers, foot hammocks, and full-face ice masks. Each week she and a savvy guest give you the real deal on their favorite recent purchases and reveal where you can find them too. Subscribe now and let’s all go shopping together!  

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Ep 70: Books, Boats, Propos...


Danni Mullen, owner of Semicolon Chicago (Chicago’s only Black woman owned bookstore!) joins us again, this time IRL! On today’s discussion list: eyelashes, perfume, books, Jeff Bezos, marriage proposals, weddings, boats, and R*chel H*llis. And a lot of laughter throughout. ...

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