S5 E5: Get That D, That Vitamin D

01.23.2019 - By The On-Call Room: A Grey's Anatomy Podcast

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It is what you all have been waiting for! Bri has finally finished the first Harry Potter book! Abbey and Bri take some time to discuss first impressions, favorite parts, and where we all go from here. Slowly, Abbey is creating her perfect partner, molding Bri into exactly who she wants her to be.

Kidneys. We have a lot of them this episode. This is THE kidney transplant. Joining us on this adventure, is Aaron Burr and his Dad. We have also have a husband who is cheating on his wife with a much younger lady. Both women are donating kidneys, unaware of the other. Obviously, that doesn't last long and the wife finds out.

So, of course she drops out and who comes to save the day? Bailey. With her super inappropriate Bailey teaching moment, not technically coercing the patient, but it is pretty damn close to coercion.

On the side story, we have the Shepard Method. Mer feels she is not being taken seriously by Derek, and is hurt that she wasn't included in the article about their clinical trial. Derek apologizes and brings Mer a peace offering, a kidney in a jar. See, this episode is all about kidneys.



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