How did Britain’s worst serial rapist get away with it?

01.13.2020 - By Beyond Today

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This month Reynhard Sinaga was found guilty of drugging, raping and sexually assaulting 48 men. The judge told the 36-year-old student from Indonesia that he will “never be safe to be released”. Sinaga targeted young men on nights out in Manchester and lured them back to his flat where he would spike their drinks with GHB, a date rape drug, filming the attacks on his phone. Sinaga was offending for over two years before he was caught. Many of his victims were unaware they had been raped until they were contacted by the police.

In this episode we speak to BBC journalist Daniel De Simone, who covered the trials, and Endang Nurdin from the BBC’s Indonesia Service, to hear how the story has been received there. We also talk to forensic toxicologist Simon Elliot about the dangers of GHB.

If you have been affected by the issues raised in this article, help and support can be found on the BBC Action Line website.

Presenter: Matthew Price
Producers: Duncan Barber and Alicia Burrell
Mixed by Emma Crowe
Editor: Philly Beaumont

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