How to learn the days of the week in French!

12.22.2020 - By Learn French and Speak French Avec Moi

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Bonjour! Today, let's learn how to pronounce and spell the days of the week in French. At the end of this 10 minutes podcast, you will know every single days in French!Speak French avec Moi is your French Companion to know more about French and France before your travel to France. Be more than a tourist! Use The Time Before Your Travel To Learn How to Make Your Trip Unique by Taking my FREE podcasts.You’ll feel proud of yourself for going one step further and making that little effort that changed your trip to France into the vacation of a lifetime.Find more resources and share your feedback on my Facebook page ‘Speak French avec Moi’. and my Youtube Channel. Also, check out my exclusive Five Hour Live Online Workshop for private coaching on my website 'Speak French Avec moi'.Merci et à bientôt !Séverine

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