IFB115: How to Make Money with Dividends When It’s Just Pennies

08.22.2019 - By The Investing for Beginners Podcast - Your Path to Financial Freedom

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Dave:                                    00:37                     All
right folks, we’ll welcome to Investing for Beginners, the podcast. This is
episode 115 tonight we’re going to go ahead and take some more listener
questions. We’ve got some fantastic questions that Andrew and I wanted to
answer on the air. So we’re going to go ahead and talk about those. So without
any further ado, I’m going to turn it over to my friend Andrew, and he’s going
to go ahead and read the first question for us.

Andrew:                              00:59                     Perfect.
So I have a question here from Camberley. She says I have some questions
regarding IFB episode four the eight or the fine stock indicates a failing
business. , I guess let’s go through these questions one by one. Number one. If
you don’t know this, a falling stock until it’s too late, whether the options
is the only option just to sell right then and accept your loss. So if you
don’t mind, Dave, I’m going to take this one first. Absolutely. Go for it. So
that’s, it’s tough, right? Because if we could figure out how to avoid falling
stocks, we would do it. We would all do it, and we would all be very, very
wealthy. The, so she did mention she listened to the episodes. So I did try to
explain how you need to figure out the difference between a stock that is
falling because the business is bad and a stock that is falling because of
temporary sentiment that is negative in the stock market. I think a, and it
goes really to what we try to teach.

Andrew:                              02:08                     To

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