Inside the Tribe

Inside the Tribe

By Tim Elliott and Camille Bianchi

What's Inside the Tribe about?

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It’s 1996, and a young couple, Mark and Rose, have just returned to Sydney from living overseas. They are in love, with two beautiful kids, but they are at a loose end. One day at a local fair, they come across a Christian sect called the 12 Tribes. 

The group, who live in seclusion, offer a utopia of love, peace and communal living, beholden only to the word of Yashua. But before long, Mark and Rose find themselves in a world of bizarre rituals and extreme beliefs, under the influence of a charismatic leader. They are made virtual slaves, the family shuffled around the world to prevent them escaping. So who are the 12 Tribes, and how has their leader managed to build a global following, unchecked for 50 years?

Hosted by Tim Elliott.

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