Irish Mythology Podcast

By Marcas O hUiscín

What's Irish Mythology Podcast about?

Join us as we travel to magical locations, invisible islands, worlds below the ground and above the clouds.
We’ll meet powerful deities, mythical beasts, and mischievous fairies.

We’ll encounter mighty warriors, druids, witches, demons, saints, and scholars and hopefully, they'll be kind enough to let us tell their tales without too much malevolent interference.

But we’ll also meet ordinary folk, like ourselves and yourselves, who have had extraordinary experiences encountering the divine, the sometimes demonic, and the quite often mischievous beings of the Irish otherworld.

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Dian Cecht and Nuada's Silv...


Dian Cecht receives Ogma’s message and sets out to find a way of fighting back against Bres’s tyranny. He recruits the blacksmith Gobniu and the silversmith Credne to help him create a new arm for the former High Chief of ...

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