It’s Time To Become a Delusion Buster

04.06.2021 - By Daily Boost | Daily Coaching and Motivation

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Deepika, a 19-year-old Pre-Med student from India, sent me an email calling me a "Delusion Buster." At first, I didn't know what to think. Before I dug too far into my mind, I looked up the definition. A delusion is a belief held with firm conviction, despite superior evidence to the contrary. I guess I am a "Delusion Buster" - and you should be too. Living a life of your choosing becomes a reality when you have a vision and a strategic plan. Add in ritualized daily actions and things beginning to go your way. However, it's easy to let the rhythms of day-to-day life influence your efforts and knock you off track. Before you know it, drift, despite superior evidence to the contrary. I guess that, while you may be blind to what is happening, your gut instincts can feel the drift. I'll also assume that you are very good at spotting the same behavior in others who feel a bit lost. And what do you do? You listen, challenge, validate, suggest, persuade—anything it takes to show them the light and get back on track. You draw upon your wisdom and pass on proven strategies and guidance - all or somebody else. But what about you? If you find yourself drifting, it's time to sit with yourself for a few minutes. Analyze your awareness of your situation. Accept where you find yourself. And shift your perception. The goal is simple - How do you go from where you are now to where you want to be? Ever since I was a kid, I've always believed in the wisdom of Casey Kasem. Anything is possible if you "Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching or the stars." You do that by recognizing where you are—remembering your dreams. And become a "Delusion Buster" of your own. After all - Reality is hard to accept. But accepting your current situation and adjusting your path is how you get what you want - and it feels great!

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