Ep 319 | Jase and His Bible Get Censored & the Danger of Identities That Aren't Rooted in Christ

07.30.2021 - By Unashamed with Phil & Jase Robertson

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Phil decides that cellphones are actually a good thing. Zach shares the unlikely story of injuring his wife on a golf course, and Phil now believes golf is a contact sport. Jase takes it as a bad sign that a photo of him holding his Bible has been censored on social media. Zach and Jase chew on the ethics of liberating golf balls from a pond. Jase stops traffic in the pouring rain to "save" a bullfrog from the middle of the road. Al has jokes for people who don’t know how to silence their cellphones in church. And the guys talk about the utter hopelessness of finding an identity in race, gender, or hollow, humanistic philosophies instead of in Christ.
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