7: Keep Digging

04.30.2021 - By Small Town Dicks Podcast

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A man goes missing in a small Scottish town. His mother, Mrs. T., is dissatisfied with the way the police have handled his disappearance and hounds her local PD until she is finally put in touch with Det. Roddy who promises to take a fresh look at the case. It turns out, Mrs. T's maternal instincts were right and her son didn’t just pack up and leave without a trace, without saying goodbye. Another Small Town episode from overseas. The Detective:  Detective Roddy retired from Tayside Police in Scotland in 2014 after 33 years of service. He spent most of his career in the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) and at every rank, from Detective Constable to Detective Chief Superintendent. Tayside comprises 3 counties and has about 2000 officers and staff. Roddy started in Perth and Kinross, a county with a population of 175,000, where he lives. The county is predominantly rural comprising the small city of Perth, a number of market towns, good farmland, and good people. Since retiring, he has worked for the local council in Community Safety.

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