#526 LA Paul and Transformative Experiences

08.26.2020 - By The BadChristian Podcast

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As a professor of philosophy and cognitive science at Yale University, Laurie Paul's book "Transformative Experience," is an interesting bridge between religious and spiritual experiences that change the essence of who you are in a real way.   I'm Only A Man vinyl pre-order: emerymusic.com/ioam   Links & Sponsors: BadChristian.com thebcclub.com Check out Emery's new album "White Line Fever" at emerymusic.com Zip Recruiter: ziprecruiter.com/BADCHRISTIAN Micah Bentley "Scarcity" micahbentley.com Tooth & Nail: Fit For A King "The Path" Join Emeryland: emerymusic.com Are You Listening: A Streamo Show: areyoulistening.tv Marriage Supply

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