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Do you want to learn Spanish and travel? Learn Spanish and travel the world with Jim and May from Spanish and Go. Advance your listening comprehension through incredible travel stories, cultural conversations, Spanish tips, and interviews with Spanish speakers from around the world. You’ll hear natural conversational Spanish perfect for the intermediate or advanced Spanish learner. With Spanish and Go, not only will you supercharge your Spanish, but you’ll gain the tools to travel abroad with confidence. May is a Spanish teacher from Mexico, and Jim is a gringo with a passion for adventure. Together they’ll help you take your Spanish to the next level. Get the most out of each episode by signing up at https://spanishandgo.com.

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Los 7 Moles Oaxaqueños - Th...


Uncover the secrets of crafting traditional Mexican mole. May delves into its origins, sparking a lighthearted conversation about its complexity. Explore Oaxaca's mole varieties, from the daily Mole Amarillo to the festive Mole Manchamantel. Gain insights into their preparation, flavors, ...

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