S4 E14: Like a Virgin

11.28.2018 - By The On-Call Room: A Grey's Anatomy Podcast

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Cristina finds out Burke won the Harper Avery. It is obvious this is weighing on her, as she excuses herself to the morgue. She proceeds to cut open dead bodies and sing Madonna. She is in a very dark space.

Meredith and Derek continue to work on their clinical trial even though all Meredith can think about is Derek's tongue in her mouth. She seeks out her therapist to give her tools to overcome this. The advice is living in reality. Woof.

They end up loosing another patient, and Meredith wraps up the day as being a good day to her therapist. The therapist calls Meredith out on her bull shit demeanor and Meredith storms out. Classic therapy.



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